About Us


Our Organisation is a collective of Clubs, Organisations and Individuals who believe in Country Music. A Management Committee is elected to represent the Organisation and meetings are held quarterly. Clubs within a region are represented by the selected regional delegates at these meetings. Individual Clubs and Organisations can send their own delegates to attend these meetings which are open to all members as well. Country Music Awards are held throughout New Zealand during the circuit year from August to July for members who are affiliated to NZCMA. The sections available are Junior, Intermediate, Senior and at some Awards - Songwriter. Overall Winners of each section then become finalists at the New Zealand Country Music Entertainer of the Year. This prestigious event is held once a year and is seen as the pinnacle of success for contestants. There are many Country Music Clubs scattered throughout New Zealand. Friends and family are the core of all clubs and we invite you to visit and join in the fun and be part of the many people who are associated with and have a common bond - Country Music..


Our Vision

Our Association continues to work towards Country Music being recognised as one of the mainstream music styles in the New Zealand entertainment industry. We are a national body which promotes and supports excellence in Country Music performance and offers a family oriented and fun leisure activity for all New Zealanders.


New Zealand Country Music Association Life Members

Rob Lennon

Muriel Mitchell

Bev Morrow

Lyn and Arthur Stokes

Mary Samuels

Dennis August


Here you download our constitution and our house rules.